Independence on the Road

  • Options for Nearly Any Car
  • Safe and Simple to Operate
  • Custom & Professional Installation

  • Fully Warrantied

Designed to offer a solution for those who struggle or have to rely on someone to lift heavy parts of a scooter/wheelchair in and out of a vehicle. Automotive lifts allow you for greater mobility and independence away from home.

TRILIFT Automotive Lifts

TRILIFT has hundreds of pre-fabricated customized docking brackets to meet your needs in the most affordable way.
They provide excellent stability, ease of use, and security.


Lift and lock up to 300 lbs easily with the push of a button!

TRILIFT Ultra-Lite

TRILIFT Ultra-Lite

Accommodates scooters up to 120 lbs on a Class-I tow hitch.

TRILIFT Heavy Duty

One of the strongest lifts in the industry!  Can accommodate up to 450 lbs.