Where the Sidewalk Ends

  • Sand

  • Gravel

  • Snow

  • Mud

  • and many other surfaces!

Now you can have the freedom of taking your mobility off-road with an all terrain chair or a portable, removable track system that clicks on and off, as needed.

Demonstration models are available in our showroom!  Contact us to schedule an appointment.


The All-Terrain Power Tracked Wheelchair

Designed for all-terrain mobility, the TrackMaster wheelchair has one goal in mind… helping people to enjoy as much of life as possible.

Around the home, in the community, battling the elements, or enjoying the outdoors, TrackMaster has the ability to take you wherever you want to go.

Lighter weight, faster, and more powerful than other all-terrain wheelchairs, the TrackMaster is the clear choice for those who desire an active lifestyle.

Freedom Trax

A Portable, Compact, and Affordable Way to Go Off-Road.

Freedom Trax is the only portable, removable wheelchair track system on the market.  It can be kept in your car to avoid the inconvenience of non-accessible terrain that is often unexpected.

Easy to click on and off, whenever you need it without ever having to leave your chair!

Portable, Affordable, and Made in the USA