Since 2006

Honesty, Integrity & Experience

John started in this industry working as an independent medical sales representative in 2001. One of the product lines happened to be the stair lift. After some time representing the stair lift, John was hired full time in 2002 by T.L Shield & Associates, a very reputable elevator contractor in California. He managed the owner’s entire stair lift department and in that time became factory trained by the manufacturer. Soon after that, John went on to install every unit that he sold. John grew the business to the point that Acorn Stair Lifts, a large manufacturer, took notice and offered him a regional manager position. John was then asked by Acorn Stairlifts to open up a regional distribution center servicing the entire western United States. For the first few months John ran the center as a one man operation, not only filling orders for the western states, but also personally taking care of every customer in the southern California area. In time he hired a full staff and it was time to grow once again.

After experiencing what it is like to be disabled twice in his life and having to recover himself, John always took extra pride in caring for his clients and wanted to help people recuperate at home after surgery or illness. John also realized that there were many people that did not have a surgery or illness that they suffered from, but still had some difficulty in climbing the stairs, yet loved their home and did not want to feel as if they were forced to move. Over the years, doctors’, medical stores, other personal referrals and word of mouth lead him away from the corporate world and back to the hands on personal service that is so well needed to meet the patient’s needs. We look forward to meeting the next client that can benefit from the experience and understanding of why a stair lift is so important.

John has personally installed / serviced approximately 2500 stair lift systems during his 20 years in the industry. He not only currently does work for the clients of Stairlifts Made Simple, but has worked in the past as an installation trainer for both Acorn Stairlifts and Handicare, also known as Sterling Stair Lifts. He is currently one of the primary installers for Harmar Mobility and Tri-Lift Mobility takes care of the United States Veterans installations that the VA contracts out to Harmar and Tri-Lift.  These manufacturers brought John into their team of installation professionals because they pride themselves on giving the veterans the best service in the industry. They both recognize the experience and level of care that John provides to our military veterans. This is not only important to Tri-Lift and Harmar, but John also takes great pleasure in working with the veterans. Having a father that started Air Force and then spent another 22 years at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corp air station, an uncle that served in the Navy, and another uncle that retired as a full bird in the Army, John has grown up with a great respect for our military veterans. If you have had the opportunity to work with John or anyone affiliated with Stairlifts Made Simple, please leave your comments at the bottom of this page. We welcome our customer’s thoughts on what they liked about us.

John doesn’t give up easy.

After recovering enough from his leg injury and starting to work again, John got moving a bit too fast down his own staircase and had his knee gave out.  This left him with an ankle injury the morning of a clients installation.  With the aid of a knee brace, an air cast boot, and John being too stubborn to take time to rest, he set out to install his clients lift as promised.  John has always said “Until you have been disabled from your own lifestyle, only then can you truly understand the struggle that others face in their life”.  This is why he operates Stairlifts Made Simple the way he does.